Liz Hamilton Design


UX/UI & Visual Design

What I Do

I solve visual and interactive problems. In design, the goal is to communicate a message as clearly and attractively as possible - I provide simple and elegant options. I base my work on a mix of qualitative and quantitative research whenever available. Helping a client identify their need and creating a valuable, top-notch deliverable is the ultimate reward. I love what I do.

Branding & Promotion

web design and traditional graphic design, logo/identity, advertising, page layout, annual reports, billboards, book covers, album art, etc

UX & UI Design

HTML, CSS, experience design, interface inventory, product design, product evaluation, wireframes/prototypes, user testing, style guides


photo editing, digital restoration, photo sourcing and selection, photography for: retail, commercial, food, architecture, fine art and environmental



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As a designer

My job is to improve the function as well as the appearance of things. Finding that magical balance; it's like visual alchemy.

As an artist

I create big, bold and contemplative paintings. I love to surprise myself and I'm always on the lookout for new ways to make a mark.

As a human

I savor life and seek authentic experiences. There's always another perspective and I believe empathy is paramount. Kindness is key.


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